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Gender-based violence (GBV) affects women at all levels of society and across Europe.
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Women from rural areas are even more affected by GBV due to the lack of support structures.
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We can take initiative for the prevention of GBV at the individual, community, societal, and systemic level.
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Unrooting Violence: tackling social norms for the prevention of gender-based violence

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The 2020 report from GREVIO shows the absence of effective measures addressing the needs of women from vulnerable groups, such as women from rural areas who frequently face specific barriers.

It is highly important to reach out to those communities and support both women and men with fewer access opportunities to reduce harmful traditional practices, behaviors, and customs contributing to GBV.

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We should all commit to creating an open dialogue with community members about GBV issues and gender stereotypes and designing bystander intervention strategies to go deeper to the stereotypes and prejudices that pertain GBV.